haze-ily asked:

Key? :D


Lmao okay let me just say Key is my damn spirit animal like I aspire to be like him. He’s so damn fierce and just doesn’t give a fuck and I’m really feeling it. His fashion sense? Literally on point since he was a fetus. His voice? Cures cancer. His thighs? Reason why I live. His lips? I wanna kiss them till they’re numb.

blingblues asked:

Kim jonghyun :D

I guess this will be a continuation from the last one!

Jonghyun chose me, I didn’t choose him. Literally I saw him and I was like “He’s the one. I just have a feeling”. His personality is just damn beautiful. He’s so smiley and such a sweetheart to everyone and the way he’s so deep and mindful of everyone’s situation is so amazing I cry. He’s literally the perfect human being. He has an amazing sense of fashion and singing voice you would swear you’re listening to jesus. He’s just so adorable but he’s sexy and confident at the same time like he must be stopped

Anonymous asked:


I literally love how two people sent me the same person.

*cracks knuckles* Alright that little shit by the same of Kim Jonghyun is the reason I live tbh. He’s such a dork but literally is so deep and thoughtful it makes me wanna cry into my pillow at night. His smile is literally inhuman but it makes me feel all warm a shit inside. Jonghyun is my Bae and always will be my bae